Everyone is afraid of growing age, no one wants to get old, but we cannot prevent aging. It's amazing now, by using the most advanced technologies of the US, Germany, Israel ... at J Medical Spa, we can slow down the signs of aging quickly and effectively after only 1 hour.

Exclusive Thermage Ultra+ at J Medical Spa is a multi-zone rejuvenating, muscle lifting treatment that melts wrinkles on the face, eyes, neck and body.


Treatment of loose skin

Treat the laxity of the skin, remove wrinkles, dispel the nightmare of age.

Stimulates collagen production

Immediately initiates new collagen and elastin production and continues to stimulate collagen production for several months after therapy.

Strengthens skin

Strengthens and firm skin from deep within. Pink white skin, plump, youthful spirit, lasting longer.

Safe and effective

Modern non-invasive rejuvenation technology, FDA certified for safety and high efficiency in skin rejuvenation therapy.


Doctor's top choice

Thermage is the leading technology that doctors choose to be certified by the US FDA in the treatment of skin laxity with 70 patents, over 1,000,000 successful lift and wrinkle treatments. Used by over 2,500 cosmetology centers and 80 countries around the world.

The gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening

The gold standard treatments for non-surgical skin stretches and many private studies by JMS experts, along with the combination with other special treatment technologies from Germany, Israel .., dissolve a nightmare of age and fear of pain.

Rejuvenate in a single visit

Thermage Ultra in one go uses a variety of technologies to gradually strengthen and firm your skin from deep within.

Safety and comfort are the top priority

Thermage Ultra heats the deep layers while integrating the cuticle cooling, keeping your skin's surface safe during the process. As a result, your skin doesn't need recovery time and you can quickly resume the daily routine.

Maintain rejuvenation

After the end of treatment, collagen continues to be produced according to the body's natural mechanism, long-term maintaining a youthful, shiny, smooth skin.


The effectiveness of Thermage Ultra can last 3-5 years or longer depending on the skin of each client.
Whenever the skin shows signs of aging such as wrinkles, deep laughter lines, sagging skin ... rejuvenation therapy with Thermage Ultra is possible.
Thermage Ultra combines Thermage CPC technology from the United States and RF Lift from Israel for an increased rejuvenating effect.