There's no time to be concerned more than when you're pregnant, with anxiety causing insomnia and even depression and hormonal changes making your body more susceptible to depression that affects your health. mother and baby.

J Medical Spa is a pioneer in the field of elected massage with the mission of helping pregnant mothers have a healthy and radiant beautiful pregnancy. Elective massage at J Medical Spa is a prenatal care method that is trained and instructed directly by the American Massage Therapists Association (ATMA), experts at J Medical Spa are well trained, pass rigorous tests. gao for professional qualifications and practice certificates in the US


Limit water storage in the body

Massage technique to drain the lymphatic system helps blood circulation, reduce swelling of pregnant mothers, reduce sleep disturbances, relax the mind

Reduces fatigue, muscle tightness and indigestion problems

Gourd massage helps to release congested areas that cause fatigue, soften muscle bundles, reduce cramps, treat nausea, constipation, and belching

Increase nutrient absorption for your baby

Pregnant massage is capable of providing up to 15% more oxygen for the baby, enhancing the ability to absorb nutrients from the mother, helping the baby develo…

Help the process of labor smoothly

Supporting the mother's body for natural labor, preparing her to have a calm mind & ready body at this divine time.

Service Process

Herbal foot baths

Foot bath with natural herbal salt helps relax and balance the body, increases blood circulation, eliminates toxins from the body.

Fresh Facial

Comprehensive skin care for pregnant mothers with Nelly De Vuyst products from Canada, with 100% organic ingredients, safe and benign, certified organically by the two largest organic organizations in the world, Cosmos and Ecocert. should ensure absolute safety for pregnant mothers.

Pregnancy massage

The technician will massage the whole body along the lymphatic system, especially focusing on the hardened areas, the muscle contraction due to poor blood circulation. At each different stage of pregnancy, J Medical Spa will adjust the technique to suit the health and condition of each pregnant mother, helping to improve the immune system and emotions for the pregnant mother and the baby.


J Medical Spa là đơn vị đầu tiên được cấp chứng chỉ AMTA (Massage Hiệp hội Trị liệu Hoa Kỳ). Kỹ thuật massage bầu tại J Spa đã trải qua nghiên cứu lâm sàng hơn 50 năm và thiết bị cho hàng triệu bà bầu trên thế giới.
110/5000 Pregnancy massage can be performed from 7-8 weeks of pregnancy when the baby has a fetal heart and a stable pregnancy in the womb.
All products at J Medical Spa are 100% organic, certified organic by the two largest organic organizations in the world, Cosmos and Ecocert.