Let your body feel the luxury and freshness of Orgainic White Radiance Brightening. With a blend of natural extracts of Kojic Acid, fresh milk, ginseng, volcanic mud, pearls ..., the product is FAD USA certified for high efficiency and safety for health.


Eliminate toxins, relax spirit

Eliminate toxins, sebum and dead cells to help the body gently relax, dispel stress, fatigue, and spirit.

Soft and smooth skin

Provides skin nourishment nutrients from deep inside to help skin tighten, smooth, hydrated.

Natural white

Controlling and limiting the development of melanin pigmentation effectively helps to even out skin color, to naturally bright pink tone.

Skin protection

Creates a protective layer to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays from the sun and maintains a long-term sun protection effect.


Brightening Dead sea salt soak

Bathing not only helps you have moments of relaxation, but also softens and warms the skin, contributing to enlarged pores, helping to bring nutrients deep into each cell.

Body brightening sugar scrub

Exfoliating with sea salt with Argan & Jojoba Oil blend gently removes sebum glands, dead cells hidden under the pores to help soften skin, open pores, minimize condition. acne, inflammation of the pores.

Brightening mask

Làm sạch da, cấp nước và loại sạch hoàn toàn tạp chất với mặt nạ đất sét được chiết xuất từ các thành phần hữu cơ giúp đưa dưỡng chất vào sâu bên trong từng tế bào giúp da sáng đều màu, mềm mịn hơn.

Brightening cream

With the cream's soft essence, giving skin a smooth, pleasant experience, maximizing moisture, and radiance instantly.


112/5000 J Medical Spa uses BCL products of the United States. FDA certified for safe and effective levels.
When whitening bath at J Medical Spa, skin is protected by a membrane to prevent maximum impact from pollution, and solar radiation.