Goodbye, unwanted hair forever


The time has come to say goodbye to unwanted hairs that make you lose confidence, cause acne, burn, without shaving, waxing or plucking every day.

The advanced Diode Laser hair removal technology used by J Medical Spa is FDA-approved to safely remove the worries of millions of women and men safely, without pain and without harm.


Sudden hair reduction

Hair removal technology for highly effective hair reduction suddenly after the first 1-2 times. Ensure that after 1 course the hairs are thin and thin or lost,…

Effective quickly

Diode Laser Vacuum Assist technology effectively removes unwanted hair, with speed and comfort, and is many times safer than other hair removal methods.

Reducing sweat production and unpleasant odors

Reducing sweat production and unpleasant odors help the body clear, clean, and limit inflammation of the pores and ingrown hairs.

Smooth & bright skin

Skin is smoother, lightens dull areas, evenens skin tone.


FDA certified technology

Diode Laser is a permanent hair removal technology from Israel, using 810nm wavelength to absorb melamine pigment in hair follicles. Diode Laser Technology is FDA approved for effectiveness and safety for skin and health.

Principle of operation

RF waves with the right wavelength cause the invisible light beam to absorb pigment located in hair follicles, weakening hair follicles and unable to regrow. Combined with epidermal cooling technique, customers feel comfortable and comfortable during the treatment.

Stimulates collagen production

RF light not only helps to completely destroy hair follicles, but also stimulates the development of collagen under the skin, regenerates new cells for smooth, youthful skin, tightens pores, completely overcome inflammation. hair follicles, ingrown hairs.

Use Ingrown Hair Complex Essential Oil

Ideal for post-depilatory use is used to prevent ingrown hairs and folliculitis. A natural cleansing and purifying complex also prevents rashes and redness on the skin.


J Medical Spa uses Diode Laser technology imported from Israel, a technology certified by FDA as effective and safe for health.
Hair removal treatments are warranted for 2 years for guests who follow the correct treatment at J Medical Spa