Acne, whether a little or a lot on the face, also greatly affects confidence in social communication. Acne also causes burning pain, discomfort, if not handled promptly and properly, over time will form dark spots, scars left behind.

Acne Treatment at J Medical Spa standard will help you quickly get rid of the discomfort of acne, reduce the level of skin aging, limit the formation of bruises, return healthy skin. strong, smooth


Blowing away acne

Purifying types of acne, pustules, acne bran acne, blackheads, corticoid..., stop the formation of new acne.

Blurred vision - scarring

Remove old - new scars, bruises and lesions left by acne, up to 95% effective

Improves skin pigmentation

Improves skin tone, clarity and brightness. Reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation.

Skin regeneration from deep inside

Stimulates collagen production, speeds up skin recovery for firmer, younger looking skin.


Proprietary GEM technology

Proprietary GEM technology is capable of transmitting concentrated energy to precisely the predetermined target, allowing precise treatment of skin lesions, burning pimples, limiting infection and leaving scar.

RF Microneedling

The micro-needles go deep and send high-frequency RF pulses into the dermis under the treatment area to stimulate regeneration and improvement of skin texture, firm skin, bright white, shrink pores and clear effectively dissolve acne.

Effective quickly

With the combination of multiple technologies, Ance Treatment at J Medical Spa helps bring immediate positive changes to acne-prone skin.

Absolute safety

Therapeutic technology and product line certified by the US FDA for effectiveness and safety for health