Pitting scars and stretch marks are the number one cause of lack of confidence and heavy stress for clients. J Medical Spa can provide a unique solution to reduce scarring and achieve the smoother skin you've dreamed of.


Remove scars quickly

Quickly erase scars, even long-term scars, difficult to treat, up to 95% effective after only 3-6 sessions

Regeneration - Restores skin

The process of regenerating and restoring the skin continues for many days, filling the scar and returning the skin like never before.

Firm skin, shrink pores

Shrink pores, reduce local fat for the face, healthy, smooth skin.

Guaranteed safety

Ensure absolute safety, do not affect other skin areas. Safety and efficacy certified by the US FDA


Clean blemishes

For acne-prone skin, cleaning and removing acne is an extremely important step to help clear clogged sebum glands to help bring energy into better cell regeneration.

Deep & precise impact

Active RF is unique high intensity, precision, radio frequency energy device that heats deep tissues in the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen under the skin, scar and stretch marks.

Improving aging skin

RF Microneedling activates collagen to improve the appearance of skin aging: wrinkles, smile lines ...

Provide nutrients

Bringing specialized nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals to soothe and nourish the skin, restore the epidermal barrier thanks to the high lipid content in essential oils


Post-treatment care is the masking step with the essence of Salmon & Collagen DNA cells to lock in moisture, bringing nutrients deep inside the cells, to brighten the skin.


Depending on the thickness and condition of the scar on the skin, your doctor will have a suitable medical regimen to deliver the best results, on average, from 3 to 6 treatments.