Motherhood is a divine and noble journey for any woman! The mother's body has obvious changes in physique, skin as well as physiological and physiological changes. It is these changes that cause self-confidence, sadness and anxiety for mothers after birth, even leading to depression after giving birth in mothers.

J Medical Spa with unique care techniques has accompanied thousands of postpartum mothers in the process of regaining their health, physique and skin naturally.




Mental relaxation

Mentally relaxes, adjusts body balance and reduces postpartum depression.

Restore physique & skin

Eliminate fluid production, recover the cervix, the abdomen to help the mother regain the physique, the skin is naturally young and beautiful.

Circulating milk glands

Circulating milk glands, stimulating more milk return, better milk quality, and alleviating pain caused by obstruction of the milk glands.


Himalaya salt rock sauna

Himalaya salt rock is antibacterial, detoxifying, effectively removing impurities and accumulated fat.

Exfoliation / Whole body incubation

Body skin care with 100% Oragnic products to remove impurities, nourish and brighten evenly the skin.

Postpartum massage

Massage with the technique of drainage of the lymphatic system, impacting the postpartum acupuncture points helps the mother to eliminate fluid production, quickly recover the cervix, in addition, massage in the same chest helps the mother to circulate milk, milk, and condensed milk. More, more quality baby.

Fresh Facial

Face and body care with organic products to help mom regain smooth, white skin. Effective, safe and healthy organic products certified by two of the world's largest organic organizations COSMOS and ECOCERT, recognized by 121 countries.