Have you used up all the options and almost lost hope for fat loss?

The fat loss technology at J Medical Spa will help you have a medical, safe, professionally supervised fat loss strategy to help you control long-term fat in the most effective way.


Lose fat quickly

Your body looks thinner and lighter quickly and the cellulite disappears in no time.

Slim and firm skin

Tightening muscle tissue to slim down, the posterior skin area is not sagging, but it becomes soft and firm.

Save cost & time

The treatment is economical and quick to suit each condition and specific case of the customer.

Safe, non-invasive

Contouring the body, non-invasive to destroy excess fat cells, no pain, no need to rest.


What is Cellulite?

From the outside, cellulite looks like lumpy, dimples. Cellulite is a very stubborn fat that is extremely difficult to destroy.

Shrink fat cell mass

The heat of Quadro-Polar Temp in Body Shape has the effect of melting the enlarged fat pockets in the areas affected by cellulite to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, while reducing cell fat.

Bringing the energy deep into the cells

Adjustable pulsed suction based on exclusive Active BRF technology allows the energy to travel deeper while still being gentle for a more comfortable treatment effect.

Oleaslim products

The mixture of caffeine and essential oils stimulates, detoxifies and slimming. Significantly reduced the appearance of local cellulite symptoms. Significantly improves skin's texture and softness. Promotes smoother looking skin for a more harmonious look.


J Medical Spa uses BodyShape slimming technology from Israel, certified by FDA to be effective and safe for health.
J Medical Spa is committed to reducing the measurement when the client follows the correct treatment
The fat loss technology at J Medical Spa is not invasive, helping to eliminate excess fat through the body's natural secretions